Nominate Your Favorite Self-Publishing Blogs – Inaugural Top 10 Self-Publishing Blog Contest

Ellen Britt and I (Denise Wakeman) are excited to announce our inaugural contest to find the Top 10 Best Self-Publishing Blogs.

We need your help to find the ‘best of the best’ blogs specifically for online entrepreneurs who are looking for information about self-publishing. To that end we’re launching a contest and invite you to nominate your favorite blog for self-publishers.

How to Nominate Your Favorite Self-Publishing Blog

Please make a single nomination of your favorite self-publishing blog by commenting below and including why you like the blog (only your first nomination counts). Be sure to include a link to the blog.  The blog can be about self-publishing for digital and/or physical books.

To make the cut, a blog must be nominated by multiple people. Make your nomination by November 16, 2012.

The judges: We are thrilled and honored to announce that author, speaker and co-founder of, Guy Kawasaki will be one of our three judges.

Former Chief Evangelist of Apple, Guy is a prolific digital publisher, focusing on marketing, enchantment, social media, entrepreneurship, innovation, venture capital, science, and photography.

As we confirm our other judges, we’ll let you know.

Winners will be selected based on:

1) the quality of their content 2) the frequency of their posts 3) reader involvement and…

4) their blog’s ranking (in that order).

The judges will decide the final winners.

Please enter your nomination right now in the comment box below and be sure to let your friends and colleagues know about this contest by using the various sharing options.

The winners will be announced here in mid December.

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Denise Wakeman
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Denise Wakeman
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  1. I would like to nimonate Dave Bricker’s for the Best Self Publishing Blogs Contest. I find it very user friendly and loaded with valuable information. Thank you.

  2. I nominate the Stories To Tell Books Blog for the Best Self Publishing Blogs Contest. Thanks!

  3. I love to follow Nick Thacker from and Both post incredibly valuable information. Nick in particular is fantastic about responding and helping above and beyond the call of duty.

  4. I’d like to nominate by Nina Amir. Nina has a really motivating and easy-to-read style of writing which is packed full of experience and insight.

  5. I really like Stories to Tell by the Barnes. They publish good content that is relevant to me and what I like to do…write personal family histories for people who otherwise would lose those stories. I find them very helpful. Hope this is the right link.

  6. mersine bower says:

    I’d like to nominate Stories To
    Tell, they are always helpful and know the right answers to the questions! Thank you Stories To Tell!

  7. My vote is for Joel Friedlander

    Super clear information. Lots of it. A personal touch in regard to comments, responses and updates. I need, and feel his support for my project.

  8. Kristen Eckstein ( is a knowledgeable source for all things self-publishing! I nominate her blog as my fave!

  9. Bruce Grecke says:

    While there are a number of fine blogs, worthy of selection, my nomination for ‘Favorite Self-Publishing Blog’ is Kristen Eckstein’s ‘The Ultimate Book Coach’. I am new to all things writing, and like a Humming Bird at a feeder, I cannot get enough of the site’s nectar. “The Ultimate Book Coach” is an excellent information provider, confidence enhancer, and source of solid buisness building suggestions.

  10. My nomination is also for The Book Designer at Joel Friedlander has put together a wonderful site – not only is it jam-packed with excellent articles, but, much of it is inspirational for would-be or existing authors. If his site wins, it will be a tribute to excellence!

  11. My nomination is The Book Designer at Always full of incredibly helpful information.
    Looking forward to checking out some of the other blogs mentioned here, and to seeing the final list.

  12. To Readers,

    Please disregard this comment. Having a spam problem that this site is working hard to help with. I needed to post enough works to get into the unsubscribe part of this site. Thanks, dawn

  13. I recommend Joel Friedlander, the Book Designer. His link is He has a fantastic web site designed for those who are to experienced self publishers. He covers every aspect of self publishing, including fonts, covers, marketing and all the other myriad of duties that self publishers need to do to be successful. Utilizing his web site is like taking an on line college course for free. He stays current on what is happening in the industry and freely shares that information. I agree this is a very difficult site to maneuver.

  14. My nomination is Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer. His link is I’m naming him because he is so generous with information and such a good influence–his enthusiasm for various fonts has made me more visually aware.
    I hope I am putting this in the right place–this is the hardest site to figure out I have ever had to read 5 times to even make a guess.

  15. I nominate Joel Friedlander’s site — The Book Designer

    This site is comprehensive and accessible! Joel knows this business. He makes the complexity of self-publishing seem simple, he just loves publishing and his enthusiasm rubs off to help you want to face all the gnarly details.

  16. Joel Frielander’s Book Designer blog is a must for self-publishers. He provides cutting-edge information in this rapidly developing field. The Book Designer was a constant source for me when I self-published my first novel and continues to be as I work on my second. A big Thank You to Joel for all he does for self-publishers!

  17. I would like to recommend:

    The Book Designer

  18. I nominate the BiblioCrunch blog because it is truly dedicated to serving self publishers interests and creates many networking opportunities with authors and other individuals within the industry.

  19. I have always found incredibly useful advice and information on Publetariat, April Hamilton’s Indie Writing Site:

  20. Norwood Holland says:

    I would like to nominate the blog: Become A Successful Author by Deatri Bey-King.

  21. I’d like to nominate I usually freelance write about events held by that blog’s company, BiblioCrunch, but I have found the articles written by the other posters to be very informative. The posts give run-downs of the best practices of promoting eBooks and how to submit them to various distributors, like Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  22. My favourite self-publishing blog is undoubtedly Joel Friedlander’s “The Book Designer” (
    The site is packed full of helpful information for the novice (such as me) and experienced self-publisher alike, and Joel is continually adding new information and responding to readers’ comments.
    I obtained almost all of the design advice for my book from Joel’s site (so much so that I include it in the credits) and it is undoubtedly much the better for it.
    I’ve also learnt about eBooks and cover design and marketing and using social media and all manner of other subjects.
    Even though I’m unlikely to publish another book I continue to visit the site, enjoy it and learn from it.

  23. Jennifer DeLoach says:

    I nominate Shelley Hitz at she has inspired me to go forward in publishing my book. She reaches out everyday to encourage others with helpful instructions. Her blogs are easy to understand and helpful. I am just beginning but since I have read her blogs and watched her videos it has given me hope and motivation.

  24. i love joel friedlander’s “The Book Designer” blog about self publishing. his posts are always helpful, user oriented and he manages to have a nice balance between information for newbies and those who have been in the trenches for some time. he is accessible and genuinely interested in both his topic and his readers…. and it shows.

  25. For years I’ve read Seth Godin’s daily post last when I check my e-mail. A little bit like saving room for dessert. He was a trail blazzer and remains, in my opinion, the most inspirational of all bloggers. Some of his posts aren’t directly related to the work I’m trying to do. Some of them are way beyond my league. However most of them, if not all, still manage to talk to who I am trying to be. For that reason, I nominate Seth Godin.

  26. I especially recommend Bonnie Morgan is a mistress of all aspects of publishing and web matters, and a Master of them all.
    mickey morgan (mickeypamo)

  27. Dean Wesley Smith’s seminal blog — I’ll be astounded if this isn’t in the top 10, Smith is a superstar like Doctorow and Konrath

    And I’ll second this…Ellen Britt

  28. Dave Bricker’s SP blog — a unique hands-on SP experience that has grown into a powerful resource

  29. Kevin McLaughlin’s much, followed blog, a font of great information

  30. Indies Unlimited , a multi-authored blog on all things indie writer

  31. I’d like to respectfully nominate twomidlistindies.
    It’s a new blog, but both the girls there are well up on their knowledge of the indie community, and I think Valerie used to write for some of the other blogs already listed here.

  32. I would like to nominate Steven Lewis’ Taleist blog ( He is a writer and self-publisher from Australia who has also put together the Self-Publishing Survey, which is an insightful look at who is self-publishing and why, as well as stats on how successful self-publishers really are, with info from more than 1,000 self-publishers. Great stuff!

  33. I’d like to nominate The Indie Exchange. This is a fabulous blog that not only has amazing resources for the indie author for writing and publishing, but also brings together writers, readers, and bloggers.

  34. Great idea for a contest!!

    I nominate Duo Lit. Great content, frequent updates and personal interaction plus all the freebies they consistently offer their readership. They are a dynamic duo whose enthusiasm stokes my self-pub fire!

  35. I nominate the Book Designer:

  36. I\’d like to nominate Lindsay Buroker at She is very generous with specific information and results from her own experience there and at They have been my go-to resources for finding specifics on everything from how to format ebooks to how to set up a newsletter. For example, Lindsay not only tells you that she recommends you get an editor, she tells you who her editor is, criteria she uses to pick an editor, and other editors she recommends. All this information is combined with real time observation of how she is engaging her readers and fans, what has worked and not worked for her in the past, and what is working for her now.I\’d also like to thank Joel Friedlander for telling me about this. His site is excellent, and the comments here at this post are in and of themselves a great resource!

  37. I’d like to nominate D.D.Scott’s blog, ‘the writers guide to e-publishing.’ It’s one of the few blogs where people get together and comfortably compare notes about things such as how their self-published books are selling, amazon and other SEO ranking, comparing notes across multiple distribution platforms, pricing strategies (including how to get Amazon to bend by using another vendor), and real-world editing/writing tips for those of us who don’t have $10,000 to ‘invest’ in editing/cover design for a book that may never sell more than 100 copies. They post a variety of topics by different blogs almost daily. Here’s the URL:

    My second choice would be Joel Friedlander’s excellent blog. I only list him second because he appears to be biased in favor of Amazon and comes into it with a ‘big publisher’ mentality that is not suitable for many small Idies building a platform from scratch rather than an insider with extensive contacts and money to build a self-publishing empire from scratch.

  38. I’d like to nominate Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s blog:

    So much specific and useful info, especially about career strategy. She has a background both in trad and self-publishing both as author and publisher so really knows what she’s talking about.

  39. I’d like to nominate the blog of BiblioCrunch ( I’ve found the information it contains to be very helpful, particularly when it comes to promoting your free Kindle Select book. I have personally done a lot of the things they recommend, and Close Liaisons (my paranormal romance novel) was in the Kindle Top 100 Free during my two-day promotion in late October.

  40. I want to nominate the blog of BiblioCrunch at I really enjoy the useful and informative posts and I’ve learnt a lot from following them.

  41. I would like to nominate Lynne Klippel for her She is a great resource for authors and full of new ideas..

  42. I would like to nominate Nina Amir for “How to Blog a Book”. I have followed her teachings for a while. She is very easy to understand for beginers like me, very consistant and compasionate. She is inspirational, always has new ideas, offers free advice and willing to help. I love her work.
    She deserves to win…

  43. I nominate
    Ali has just had a book published on the topic of self-publishing, specifically ebooks. So has a lot of experience in this area–with 12 of her own.

  44. I’d like to nominate 30daybooks which has a steady stream of tips including videos with successful authors. It’s clearly tracking current trends which is crucial in this industry which changes weekly.

  45. I’d like to nominate D’vorah Lansky’s Book Marketing Made Easy: D’vorah has a gift for taking her readers by the hand and giving them both the confidence and the skill to get a book from idea to finished product and into the market.

  46. I would like to nominate Ali Luke’s blog

    I find the blog very useful, interesting and easy to follow. Ali establishes a connect with the audience and her words are very encouraging and inspiring for beginners like me.

  47. I\\\’d like to nominate Joel Friedlander with his blog For those of us who have learned to deliver our own print and eBook layouts, and either produced our own covers or commissioned them, Joel\\\’s perspective on good design has been eye-opening. I especially like the clean focus on the principles and examples of good design without being distracted by any of the other aspects of self-publishing. I suppose his blog is like his guidance on typography and cover design: provide a clear and attractive focus and avoid distracting clutter.

  48. I nominate 30 Day Books: Always timely and packed with useful information. Love my Magic Monday Tips! Lauren Clark

  49. I would like to nominate Catherine, caffeinated – Catherine Ryan Howard. She’s given me lots of tips from when I searched for how to get an EIN. Since then there have been helpful hints for my marketing and self-publishing.

  50. I would like to nominate Market My Words by S.R. Johannes, I believe this blog offers lots of great marketing tips for self-publishers while also offering interesting interviews and giveaways letting readers get to know these authors better.


  51. I would like to nominate Morgen Bailey Hers was the first writing blog I had ever visited. She has a variety of interesting aspects to her blog that include but are not limited to guest interviews, writing tips, writing classes and so many more I can’t begin to list them. She is very accessible to everyone. She has a daily newsletter and posts many things each day in many of her sites. You could spend hours just navigating around her site. She gets my vote for #1 writers blog.

  52. There are a number of blogs I could recommend, but I nominate Joel Friedlander’s the Book Designer as the one site from which I have derived the most practical, concise information. I’ve learned a lot from Joel and he is always very responsive to questions.

  53. I would like to nominate Indies Unlimited for being the most comprehensive, helpful blog ever. Nothing is too much trouble for them when it comes to helping new and established writers alike. Always full of useful friendly advice and tutorials, I can’t praise them highly enough.

  54. There are so many wonderful, helpful writer’s blogs out there, but hands down I have to nominate Indies Unlimited because not only are they very helpful with resources for the independent self-published author, they provide useful tutorials on how to do something and if they don’t know it, they find someone who does to write a tutorial, they hold weekly flash fiction contests, have the IU book store, love promoting indie authors, provide services, featured author spots, featured book spots, interviews, guest posts, reviews, video trailers and do it all with a lot of wit and humor. I subscribed to the blog so I wouldn’t miss a single feature. It is a very interactive writer’s blog for the independent, self-published author.

  55. I nominate 30 Day Books: — I love the Indie Authors Doing It Right interviews. This site is packed with valuable tips and resources for anyone navigating the indie publishing world.

  56. Dana McNeely says:

    Hi, I’d like to nominate for the top self-publishing blog. I find it has helpful articles and valuable freebies. The blog-master asks for reader input-and he’s very responsive. I make sure to read it regularly.

  57. I would like to nominate It is an excellent blog that supports, educates, and illuminates every aspect of the Indie movement. Thank You.

  58. Hello everyone,
    I nominate Indies Unlimited for their (often humorous but always) verstile and informative post for indie authors. Co-administrators Stephen Hise and K S Brooks, among others at IU are deeply committed to helping indie-authors succeed in the ever-changing world of writing and publishing with their knowledge and support.

  59. I nominate Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn I always find useful information there and check it whenever she posts something new!

  60. I am more than pleased to nominate Kristen Eckstein of as my favorite self publishing blog site. Kristen does not only post great material but is accessible to those that show interest in the writing/publishing field. I learned very quickly that she knows her stuff for both digital and hard-copy media. Being new to the eBook venue, she has been a awesome help to get me on the right path.


    Murray Comber

  61. I nominate a blog that celebrates the Indie/Self Pubbed Author :)

  62. I nominate Duolit because they are up to the minute on everything and very generously share their industry knowledge with both customers and non-customers. Never pushy, always helpful. 5star bloggers and great publishing industry website –

  63. I nominate Kristen Eckstein at the Ultimate Book Coach. I am a successful client of hers (she published my book), and she consistently blogs high quality, useful information about self-publishing and discusses the high costs/risks of working with traditional publishers. She’s also extremely passionate about “sucking books” out of people and getting them into print.


    I would like to nominate Phyllis Zimbler Miller’s site as being one of my favorite sites for authors. Her site is informative, easy to read and very helpful in getting out useful information to authors. I like that she gives such great commonsense advice based on her own personal experience.

  65. Of the many spectacular publishing support blogs on-line, I have found The Book Designer most useful to date.

  66. I’d like to nominate Indies Unlimited as they are the best site I have found to date that actively promotes indie authors. In addition to offering free services i.e book briefs, trailers, etc. the publish multiple times daily with educational tidbits for this very complicated world of publishing.

  67. I would like to nominate Indies Unlimited at They are the best site for promoting and supporting Indie writers.

  68. Susan Owens says:

    I nominate Joel Friedlander’s the Book Designer.

  69. I nominate Nina Amir – Her site covers everything – content, planning, marketing – the works. And she posts frequently so it worth checking in a lot.

  70. hands down. Informative, entertaining, topical, up-to-date and very sophisticated.

  71. My nomination is – Kristen Eckstein’s blog,, which gives me consistent, valuable and regular information about how to write a book. The writing of a book is a very daunting task for a beginner like me and it gives a lot of loneliness during the process. Kristen understands this problem of a budding writer and keeps sending very relevant, inspiring and useful messages, tips and tricks almost on a daily basis. I am writing a non-fictional book and Kristen’s blog gives away a feeling as if she is sitting beside me, coaching on a step by step process.

  72. I’d like to nominate the WG2E (Writer’s Guide to ePublishing)
    They are a wealth of helpful information and guidance from established indie and traditionally published authors.

  73. I’m pleased to nominate, which is the number one independent authors’ blog/website, bar none. Indies Unlimited is run and frequented by some of the most talented, generous, independent authors in the world and is a truly international, one stop shop for all serious independent authors.

  74. I nominate DuoLit! Useful information although a little over friendly when it comes to sales but hey everyone’s got to make a living and the stuff they give out and talk about is useful to a wide range of self published authors.

  75. I would like to nominate:
    1. Toni & Shannon ( – for their free book marketing kit.
    2. Joel Friedlander ( – for sensible book marketing advice.

  76. My nominations are:

    I can’t say this is the exact order because each of these sites are excellent in providing useful information to their readers.

  77. I’d like to nominate, Joel Friedlander’s The Book Designer Blog. He always has the current information on publication and presents easy to learn, easy to follow, easy to access ways to get you going. You can see his blog at

  78. I would like to nominate Toni & Shannon @ Duolit ( They have some great ideas and always reply personally.

  79. I’d like to nominate – Laura’s content is always fresh, whereas there’s a lot of the same info recycled endlessly on other self-publishing blogs.

    I think this award is a great idea because some of the blogs being nominated are not ones I know, so I’m sure they’ll be a great source of new info.

  80. I second (and third) the nomination for Indies Unlimited. A great resource for readers and indie authors alike.

  81. Lynne Klippel’s Business Building Books is a great resource for nonfiction authors who target business topics or who want to write a book to establish their own expertise.

  82. I’d like to nominate DuoLit for the award. They are very supportive of indie authors and their free marketing course is great for anyone thinking of self-publishing.

  83. Duolit. Lots of info, very accessible!

  84. Constance Taagen says:

    I nominate The Book Designer because it is loaded with articles and comments that are invaluable to me as a new editor/writer.

  85. I like Toni and Shannon at Duolit. They’re clear, concise and have ideas I feel I can use. They also manage to make their emails feel as if they’re talking to me – pretty good since they must have a large distribution!

    Cheers :)

  86. Cherley Grogg says:

    Duolit is my nomination. These two are extremely helpful, encouraging, caring, well informed and understanding. I’m always excite
    d to get emails from them.

  87. I nominate Kristen Lamb’s Blog – Very informative, in an entertaining way.

  88. I posted several hours ago, but it never showed up. I’m trying again because ‘s blog on this topic should be nominated.

    Although PZM has an M.B.A from the Wharton School of Business, her blog posts are easy to understand. She is prolific and posts new info several times a week. She is one of the best online marketers I’ve run across in the many years I’ve been active online.

    Thank you for this idea and hosting the nominations!

  89. I will add my support for the girls at Duolit, especially for their personal support and contact. Also, this is a fabulous idea – there are blogs mentioned here that I have not yet read and clearly a wealth of support for indie writers and publishers. I am looking forward to connecting with all of the sites mentioned!

  90. I like the World’s Greatest Book Blog because Dave is witty and clever and has put a lot of thought into self-publishing for himself and others.

  91. Rachel Miller says:

    I nominate duolit! When they say they read/answer all of their emails – they mean it! Their website provides a lot of very helpful information.

  92. I would like to nominate The Ultimate Book Coach at

  93. I nominate duolit. These women take the time out of their busy lives to help us. US! Hopeful writers who are striving to be the best writer’s we can be. They do an amazing job at answering out questions, quelling our fears and providing helpful tips on how to make the most of our journey into self publishing. Even if these gals don’t win, they deserve a shout out. On behalf of all of my friends and myself, whom you guys have helped so much. We Thank you!

  94. I nominate Duolit. I just found out about the site in the past week or so, but they run a first rate site for self-published authors regarding promotions. They\’ve already been so incredibly helpful to me.

  95. I nominate Duolit. This duo (Toni and Shannon) offer ongoing tips, guidance and encouragement in a professional manner. Free courses and practical lessons with pdf downloads and printouts for the new indie author.

  96. My vote goes to (Duolit) who has been unfailingly consistent over the years. All the marketing advice a self-publishing author needs is under one roof, theirs. I’m blown away by their quality and generosity.

    Honorary mentions go to Joanna Penn, Joel Friedlander, Joe Konrath, Laura Pepper Wu, Catherine Ryan Howard, Bob Meyer, Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

  97. I’ll sure help get the word around for this contest.

  98. lynne fix says:

    Book Designer – great information

  99. I see a few have already nominated 30 Day Books — — which has helped me along my own indie/debut author path. A site with both generous info & a generous spirit. I would like to also nominate the site. — Erik Atwell, author of Thank You For Flying Air Zoe.

  100. I would Love to nominate livewritethrive at Susanne features successful self-published successful writers that offer very helpful, practical tips.

  101. Jay Antani says:

    I’d like to nominate DuoLit! Their site is One of the most tirelessly resourceful sites for self-published writers out there!

    Best regards,

  102. An error occurred in my nomination of Phyllis Zimbler Miller’s blog at:

    (See my original nomination below.) Thanks.

  103. An error occurred in my nomination of Phyllis Zimbler Miller’s blog at:

    She is an expert in the field of promote on Amazon and Facebook.

  104. I would like to nominate Duolit. They interact direct ly with me and answer any questions I have.

  105. I nominate Joel Friedlander, I always read his blogs. He offers a wide variety of very useful information, from his own expertise and also with the knowledge and expertise of others. Joel presents his information in a clear and easy to understand way. My book is now self-published in print and as an ebook, and I give a lot of credit to Joel for moving me along in this process.

  106. I would like to nominate Phyllis Zimbler Miller\’s blog at: http://www.PhyllisZimblerMiller.comBesides authoring several books (both fiction and nonfiction), Phyllis has become and expert in the filed of internet marketing and promoting. She is always available to help others and her books on how to market and promote on Amazon and Facebook have proofed invaluable to me. I highly recommend this blog.

  107. Michal Siwiec says:

    I would like to nominate Live Hacked:
    wealth of information for writers supported by blog author’s books and other materials.

    I nominate Duolit for they interact directly with their fans, generously giving their time to answer questions.

  109. chris leach says:

    I’d like to nominate the duolit team at or for their regular, inspiring, content-rich blog.

  110. I nominate the following blog from Joel Friedlander:

  111. would like to nominate DuoLit – because their advice is progressive, broad-minded, accessible, friendly and they site owners are so enthusiastic and positive. I have told many people about the site as I am so pleased to have come across them.

  112. Absolutely got to be Duolit – friendly, warm, funny, and right on the money :)


  113. I nominate –they’re pro-indie/self-publishing and are incredibly supportive. Definitely the go-to blog for indies…

  114. I nominate Duolit ( I’ve done a great deal of research to help launch my Indie career and they have been, hands-down, the best resource. They’re available, they care and they have a great deal of helpful information. I’ve only been with them for about a month and already their input has helped me a great deal. :)

  115. I nominate duolit, a sweet team that provides great info and tons of support. Here\’s their link:

  116. Sharon Rose says:

    I just have to nominate the inimitable Catherine Caffeinated. Catherine saved my life with her blog and her wonderful book, Self-Printed – so comprehensive and so funny. She is a shining light. Can we also have vice-nominees? I just recently discovered Duolit – starting with their guest blog on Catherine’s site, actually- and took their recent marketing webinair. They have a fresh and original perspective on understanding your reader, very helpful!

  117. I’d like to nominate the Duolit team. Their website is

  118. Tim Young says:

    I’d nominate Toni and Shannon at
    For their tireless efforts to bring the vital information to folks
    like me in need. Their sense of humor and commitment to the
    indie writer is more than worthwhile.

  119. I’m voting for the excellent Duolit blog. It’s helped me get my self-publishing career moving.

  120. Hello,
    I would like to nominate Duolit, Toni and Shannon. They provide terrific information to Indie authours, pertaining to “how to” and promotional ideas and follow through plans. They ALWAYS answer e-mails, almost the same day and are both more than willing to assist in any way they can. They are both very professional.

  121. I love the gals at DuoLit []. They are enthusiastic, personable, humorous and offer articles that are helpful and easy to utilize.

  122. I’m casting a vote for the hardworking ladies of Duolit –

  123. How do I like Toni & Shannon at Let me count the ways!
    Their suggestions about getting readers, zooming in on the appropriate readers and social marketing tips are incredifabulous!
    @duolit is their twitter name. I know they can help self-publishers, as they have helped me with my upcoming memoir, The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motorcycle.
    Diana Bletter

  124. First, thank you so much for the nominations for 30 Day I am deeply honored, friends!

    Though there are several great blogs I’d love to recommend, I’d like to nominate Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn:

    Joanna’s posts are consistently good and she talks to a lot of different people in the writing/ publishing industry via a variety of different media (podcasts, video interviews etc). My favorite thing about her blog, however, is that she’s walking the walk – she’s making a living from self-publishing and being honest with her readers about her journey with it. She’s a writer with the mind of an business woman, and she sets an example of being an author-entrepreneur who is living a happy life because of the new rules of publishing. No-one is an “expert” in this industry yet, but taking advice from someone who is making self-publishing work for them financially and life-style wise is the next best thing!

  125. I’d like to nominate Catherine, Caffeinated…

    This was the first self-publishing blog I started reading and she got me enthused about the possibilities of self-publishing, is incredibly funny in her posts, and her how-to posts and ebook have been crucial in tailoring my editing process and plan for developing a platform.

  126. Kalliewright says:

    I’d like to nominate srjohannes marketing blog (market my words at that helps indies with not only with publishing but most importantly, marketing their books from covers to jacket copy to social networking

  127. Linzy Antoinette says:

    I’m also pretty pumped to nominate the ladies of DuoLit. The site constantly offers free, actionable advice for self published authors.

  128. Indies Unlimited is the most comprehensive resource for indie writers I have come across and has a very strong community among those who frequent the blog. I have never seen such a tight community of self-published authors and such a strong effort made to be an all-inclusive go-to for newbies as well as established self-published authors.

  129. These ladies are extremely helpful, friendly and aggressively positive. Absolutely love their attitude!

  130. I am delighted to nominate the self publishing team, Duolit. Two fab girls with a terrific site.

  131. I nominate Joel Friedlander\\\’s website of because his FREE guide \\\”10 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing\\\” fit in my tight retirement budget. The information is easy to follow and was written in a way that built my confidence that I could actually do self-publishing. I recommend his guide for everyone.

  132. I’d like to nominate Joel Friedlander’s blog, the Book Designer” For actually putting the book together he is number one!

  133. The Book Designer by Joel Friedlander is the finest blog for self-publishers that I’ve ever come across. It is smart, consistent, full of fresh content almost every day and an inspiration for all of us interested in the exciting new opportunities in the self-publishing universe.
    Betty Kelly Sargent

  134. I’d like to nominate they’re always very warm and informative and they have great content for writers at all stages. Just really awesome people.

  135. Best Self-Publishing Blog . . . Yes. Definitely! Duolit. These gals are amazing.

  136. I vote for Joel Friedlander from I just wrote and published by 1st book and it seems like everybody out there wanted me to pay money for their “how to” information – but not Joel. I learned almost everything I needed to know from all the wisdom and information on his blogs and website – free of charge. Thank you, Joel

  137. I want to nominate DuoLit for favorite self-publishing blog! Not only is their site and their content user friendly, *they* are personally very friendly and are happy to share a host of information and experience with folks like me who need down to earth details about self publishing and marketing. I’ve taken some of their classes and enjoy educational material they send via newsletter and Twitter updates. Love them! Can’t say enough!

  138. A well balanced blog,, is my nomination. Dave Bricker and his guests lean toward graphic design of the physical book and how to best implement that historic beauty in the e-books we are writing today.

  139. I have to add Terrible Minds:

    There’s never a dull post on Terrible Minds. It’s informative and motivating and has improved my writing tenfold. Chuck Wendig tells it like it is and I really like that because I don’t have a whole lot of time to waste.

    (I’m hoping someone else will thrown down for CopyBlogger because there is a lot of helpful info over there though the slant is toward marketing.)

  140. I wish to nominate 30 Day Books and their amazing blog I am an aspiring author and have been following their blog for nearly a year now. Thanks to their helpful posts, I’ve gathered oodles of information I wouldn’t have known otherwise. In addition to being informative, Laura’s posts are friendly and down-to-earth. Anyone even remotely interested in publishing should be reading her blog and getting her “Magic Mondays” emails.

  141. I would like to nominate also known as duolit

    I published in September, discovered the duolit team just afterwards.
    Their information is concise, precise and extremely helpful. They are responsive to feedback and the blogs give information and support to many writers.
    With their knowledge my first KDP free promo hit #2 on Kindle and stayed there.
    Trying not to be gushy, but these ladies get the job done.


  142. I’d like to nominate my blog,; I strive to cut through a lot of the hype and confusion about self-publishing and get down to the nitty-gritty for authors branching out in that direction for the first time.

  143. That’d have to be Duolit ( They have SO much useful material on their site, plus they always reply to comments and e-mails -which is something to be grateful for! With their tips and strategies they have helped me improve both my writing and marketing skills.

  144. Hi, I nominate Duolit for the top self pub blog on the net. Here’s their link.

  145. For best blog about blogging, I nominate, How to BLOG a Book by Nina Amir as the best free blog available due to the authors expertise, simplicity and most of all, her generosity. I also love her book for the same reasons.

  146. Duolit: personable, clear, and helpful. No filler, no B.S., no popped corn without butter.

  147. I would like to nominate Duolit. They offer a lot of invaluable information/resources for indie authors.

  148. I nominate Duo lit
    I’m new to the indie/self-publishing world and their humorous, light hearted way of putting things has taken a lot of stress off of me. They are generous with their time and knowledge and I truly appreciate that.

  149. Jude Faerron says:

    Joel Friedlander
    Joel’s generous committment to helping self-publishers has earned him many followers. I look forward to a wealth of information in every post.

  150. My absolute fav is Indies Unlimited It provides everything from new ideas, trending, research, polls, articles by other self-publishers, how-tos and how-not-tos, like-fests, contests, sneak peaks, trailers, support and expertise–all while asking our opinion, too. What more can you ask? A little snark? We get that, too!

  151. Joel Friedlander
    Joel has new blogs regularly, including guest blogs, and it’s all fantastic info for those of us self-publishing. He gives so freely that those of use who can’t afford to hire services can slog through and do a decent job on our own.

  152. Indies Unlimited ( absolutely! They have informative, fun-filled posts. Those guys are great!

  153. I hereby nominate Dave Bricker’s blog—
    for the top ten self-publishing blogs contest. As a self -published author I find it filled with pertinent information. I’d also like to give a big ovation to another s blog: He is a brilliant editor & masterful author.

  154. I like for her simplicity. I nominate them.

  155. Amazing content! I highly recommend checking this out!

  156. Indies Unlimited ( rocks! They are one of the single best resources on the internet for writers, with a lot of good information and a dash of humor tossed into the mix.

  157. J Kajcienski says: is my favorite. I nominate them!!!

  158. I forgot to add the address – Indies Unlimited

  159. I’d like to nominate Indies Unlimited. It is definitely the best site I have come across for useful and up to date information on everything an Indie author could need along with excellent tutorials on how to improve social networking platforms.

  160. Hi, this site really helped me when I published my debut novel online, so I would like to nominate it for all the excellent advice….

  161. I believe in simpicity. All applications be they: blogs, web sites, or applications, do overkill with messy landing screens. It seems the source wants to fill up that screen with multiple combinations of tabs, buttons and hyperlinks to click on to bring the user to a next screen. Some click combinations take the user to the same next screen, which doesn\’t make sense. Labels used for the three is another sore spot. If one is to pursue the \”airplanes\” subject then why is its lable identified as \”alligators?\”

  162. While I am visiting several great blogs for writers, at the moment I am getting the most help from

  163. is nominated for countless pragmatic and useful and useable articles and ideas

  164. I vote for I go to this site all the time to look up info for self publishing. This site has been invaluable to me.

  165. I would like to nominate Indies Unlimited – the most informative and supportive blog by and for Indies I have come across.

  166. I nominate Nina Amir, she has two blogs, but one in particular I subscribe to called ‘Write Non-Fiction Now’,
    Nina and I connected via Twitter when I won a 15 minute coaching session with her. This session literally changed my life, as I told her. Her blogs are truly inspirational and make any writer want to write more and better. The posts are simple, easy to understand and implement, which is important today. Nina remains very active with her posts, and they are always fresh and touch on new ideas. She offers free advice within her blog post comments, which is rare, and is always willing to help out fellow authors. I can’t say enough about Nina, if it weren’t for her help, I wouldn’t be nearly this far as an aspiring author. She deserves to win this.

  167. I nominate, an excellent blog published by Joel Friedlander.

  168. Though I write a self-publishing blog of my own at (nominations welcome), I’d like to endorse Joel Friedlander’s blog at Joel offers insightful, useful guidance for self-publishers. His site is a vast storehouse of essential information.

    The Book Designer – website is very informative and the site owner, Joel Friedlander, provides excellent “how-to” tutorial emails to his list – which by the way does NOT contain the usual product promotion links found in other site owners’ email communications.

  170. I’d like to nominate Indies Unlimited…that blog doesn’t just help/promote Indie Authors–it CELEBRATES them!

  171. Here\’s my nomination:

  172. Joel from gets my vote!

    In depth, useful information from an approachable and experienced guy. Lots of free content to browse through and you can even hire him if it all gets too much.

  173. My vote is for Joel Friedlander’s Book Designer blog. Joelcovers a full range of helpful information to help authors DIY. He often has guest bloggers to provide expertise in specific areas of self-publishing. I was a complete novice when I started following Joel, and his encouragement and very comprehensive content has helped me gain the knowledge and confidence to take the DIY leap

  174. I nominate Joel Friedlander of

    The quality of his information, instruction, and blog are phenomenal. There is so much to glean from it, regardless of your level of writing, or self-publishing.

  175. Elisa Ramundo says:

    The Book Designer, by Joel Friedlander.

    Just what you need if you find yourself delving into the intricacies of the self-publishing world. It’s practical, easy, straightforward, and up-to-date!

  176. David Gaughran’s Let’s Get Digital – because it’s informative, up-to-date and a good read. David’s information was of great practical help to me.

  177. I nominate Joel Friedlander of
    He’s always full of brilliant advice!

  178. Diane Pelt says:

    Joel Friedlander

    Joel Friedlander

    Joel Friedlander

    Great blog. Great information I can use.

  179. I nominate – Joel Friedlander
    Good tips, good advice.

  180. I nominate – Joel Friedlander is always spot on with his advice and as up to date as it gets.

  181. I nominate Joel Friedlander/the BookDesigner? I have followed him for long months – he gives sound advice, his attitude is encouraging, even inspiring.
    He deserves a mountain of votes!

  182. I’d like to nominate Joel Friedlander’s blog . He provides useful information for authors about book design. I particularly like his monthly ebook cover contest. Joel doesn’t simply present the winners but explaines what to look for in an effective ebook cover.

  183. I second this. Diana writes great content, and I am always learning a lot from her newsletter.

  184. I nominate because Joel is always giving me a fresh, updated perspective on self-publishing and I love his humor.

  185. I nominate Dana Lynn Smith’s site The Savvy Book Marketer. She covers a wide range of topics useful to indie authors.

  186. I recommend the web site of Joanna Penn. Her site is full of usefull tips and her blog inspirational.

  187. It is my great pleasure to nominate as my favorite self-publishing blog.
    The blog provide readers with useful mentoring and coaching guides on how to self-publish manuscripts and other written works that were not well published or produced initially. provide insights on publishing on kindle, the prerequisites before launching a writing project, the essentials on how to handle a manuscript for successful translation into a good book or a best-seller.
    Ultimate Book Coach has living testimonials on successfully handled writing works and projects with vital supports at every level of the assignment, including advice on agency, editing, review, ISBN logo, self-publishing, traditional royalty publishing, kindle and e-book approaches to self-publishing.

  188. I’d like to nominate It’s a great site with a lot of terrific information for indie authors, including writing tips and marketing advice. And it’s always a fun read.

  189. My nomination:
    I love the monthly cover contest winners and the discussion of what works and what doesn’t. Also, great, informative articles for authors.

  190. I think is a great site. They have these awesome tutorials and great articles about writing related stuff as well as promo stuff for indie authors. I love checking in there each day.

  191. Hi. I would like to nominate Lindsay Buroker’s blog Her site is tremendous resource with tons of self-publishing tutorials and experiments/results.

  192. I nominate – where authors have the opportunity to enjoy helpful tutorials, free promotional features, and more.

  193. I’d like to nominate So much great information for the self publishing and indie communities.

  194. I vote for! Go Nick!

  195. I’d like to nominate Joel Friedlander’s blog, the Book Designer”
    I found his information very helpful and he is most generous with his time and knowledge

  196. Great information, huge support for writers, and a healthy dose of humour to keep us all going. It’s the go-to blog for indie writers.

  197. Joel Frielander of the Book He has very thorough information and has helped me a tremendous bunch. Also very personable.

  198. I’d like to nominate Joel Friedlander’s blog, the Book Designer”
    for loads of useful information and meaningful awards.

  199. I nominate Joel Friedlander at I first met Joel when I was working on my first book and have learned so much from him and his blog. I am now about to publish my 4th book and grateful for the continued guidance and support.

  200. Elianne Obadia says:

    Hands down . . . the best of the best is Joel Friedlander’s The Book Designer. Top-notch perspectives, a fabulous sense of community connection . . . so much well-formatted, easy-to-absorb data packed in there that you wonder how he manages to do it all. He’s passionate about self-publishing and loves to serve folks via this blog. Working as an editor on a book project with him was the best experience I’ve ever had with a designer—but that’s a nomination for a contest of different stripe.

    Elianne Obadia
    The Writer’s Midwife

  201. Kate Gifford says:

    I nominate Joel Friedlander at because his blog offers the more information on the nitty gritty how-to and what-to-avoid things than all the rest of the blogs I’ve read. I’ve been researching and looking at blogs on the subject of publishing for months now. Joel’s has been the most helpful – hands down.

  202. is my favorite blog. Joel Friedlander not only provides consistently interesting and up-to-date blogs, but he avidly shares the blogs of others with his “This Week in the Blogs” feature. As I went from know-nothing-about-self-publishing writer to know-enough-to-get-it-done author and self-publisher, I can’t express how often Joel’s blog provided the path to solving a thorny problem. Thanks, Joel!

  203. I highly recommend Joel Friedlander and his blog at I have learned so much from Joel, and his information is always totally practical and easy to implement. He is one of the most generous people I know in this growing self-publishing industry.

  204. My vote is for Nick Thacker at

  205. I’d like to nominate Joel Friedlander. He covers a wide range of invaluable topics, and provides links to other helpful information.

  206. ‘The Book Designer’ blog of Joel Friedlander has been so steadily generous with information and humanity…. both of which have helped me on my journey to publishing. The blog is orchestrated very well both visually and conceptually. So – there’s my nomination!

  207. gets my nomination. I was overwhelmed by the details and the options when I decided to self-publish about a year ago. I stumbled on Joel’s website and immediately began understanding everything from choosing an interior font to exploring new avenues of marketing. It has been without question the single most valuable resource to me as an indie publisher thanks to his clear, intelligent style and broad field of topics addressed.

  208. My vote is for Joel Friedlander. He offers clear, concise and up-to-date information on a broad range of self-publishing subjects. I, too, love his e-book cover contests.

  209. I would like to nominate
    and recommend her book Publishing Ebooks for Dummies.

  210. Susan Troccolo says:

    I nominate Joel Friedlander’s Book for this award. The blog is engaging, always helpful, provides valuable information about self-publishing and–best of all–is always a pleasure to read.

    The link is:

  211. I just got an update from Joel Friedlander, mentioning this contest. I normally ignore these things, but his blog, The Book Designer, is one of the most interesting and informative sites I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. I’m traditionally published, and I’m an editor for a small, traditional publishing house (not the one that’s releasing my books, by the way), but I like to learn. And at, I learn. Joel is a fount of information on every aspect of self-publishing, from cover design (I love his e-book contests) to interior design. So, another check for Joel, if you please.

  212. There’s so many great blogs, but for great advice given sincerely my vote goes to Joel Friedlander;

  213. My nomination for best blog:
    joel Friedlander

    Blogs every day! Excellent useable content! Easy-to-read manner

  214. Joel at The Book Designer!!

    I’m nominating Joel for dedication in helping writers make the most of today’s amazing opportunities for authors.

  215. I nomiate Joel Friedlander’s blog, as the best blog for self-publishers. Joel is a member of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association and the expert we trust.

  216. I nominate the exceptional blog

  217. The blog I nominate for this contest is the As a independent author publicist, I am amazed by the amount of information that is needed to keep up with books, readers, and the community that bridges the two together. This blog helped keep me update on book cover design, the digital publishing business, and helping authors build a stable platform to continually sell books to their audience.

  218. I hereby nominate

  219. It is my pleasure to nominate The Book Designer for the practical and generous information it provides to self-publishers.

  220. I would like to nominate The Passive Voice. Guy culls interesting self-publishing posts from all over the internet, sometimes with comment and sometimes not. His comments are always interesting and relevant (and often funny), and there\’s a great, smart community that comments on the posts.

    (What the heck is with the comments here? I’m not allowed to have a middle name?)

  221. So many to choose (The Book Designer, Creative Penn, Duolit, David Gaughran just to name a few), but seen as I haven’t seen this one mentioned, and it’s super awesome cool, I nominate:

    Such a top site

    Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

  222. I would like to nominate:
    I look forward to reading his blog. The information he provides is a great value to self-publishers and he is very generous to share his wealth of knowledge with us.

  223. I would like to vote for: x

  224. I would like to nominate Joel Friedman’s website at:

    The wealth of usable information for Indy authors/self-publishers is second to none. I read several blogs each day, but I always visit Joel’s site first.

    Joels’ blog is simply a goldmine of information to anyone who wants to learn about self-publishing. End of story. And I do follow several self publishing blogs.

  226. Joel Friedlander promises “practical advice to help build better books” at and that’s exactly what he delivers. Much of the advice given to self-publishers is over-simplified, suggesting that all you need to do is turn a Word document into a PDF and start collecting the profits. At the other extreme, some experts are so focused on technical minutiae that they intimidate or overwhelm writers who are trying to make good decisions about how to produce a book. Friedlander explains basic principles and processes clearly and gets into technicalities only when readers need to know how to avoid potential quality problems. One article by him typically has as much solid content as three or four articles from other sources.

  227. I would like to nominate
    They have a ton of great free resources and lots of informative blog posts.

  228. Joel Friedman’s blog:
    The information is current, challenging, and provides unique perspectives on a wide variety of topics related to self-publishing. Excellent site!

  229. Neale Murden says:

    I nominate Joel Friedlander’s blog, The Book Designer, as my favourite self-publishing blog. The blog is at . Joel’s blog is informative, it offers unique insights and the graphics are beautifully done.

  230. I nominate David Gaughran’s excellent blog His posts are informative and well reasoned and it was through reading his blog that I began to take the idea of self publishing as a viable reality.

  231. Joel’s blogposts are the right length, the right frequency and that combined with the quality of the writing always make them worth the read.

  232. The Book Designer hands down. I read about 50 blogs on an on-going bases and evernote any blog that has quality information for authors and self-publishers. Every one of Joel’s posts get captured.

  233. I nominate Joel Friedlander for his outstanding insights and the helpful comments helping people publishing their own books.

  234. I highly recommend Book Designer by Joel Friedlander.
    His blog has helped clear this self publishing fog away.

  235. I’d like to nominate my blog As both a fiction/nonfiction author and online marketing consultant, I test things out myself and then blog about what I have discovered. I especially write about the opportunities — as well as the sand traps — on Amazon for self-published authors. One of my ebooks is TOP TIPS FOR HOW TO PUBLISH AND MARKET YOUR BOOK IN THE AGE OF AMAZON: 3 Books in 1 at

  236. William Ockham says:

    I nominate

    David Vandagriff (better known as Passive Guy) runs the best aggregation blog for self-publishing.

  237. offers consistently intelligent commentary on all aspects of self-publishing, book design and related technology issues. Dave Bricker knows what he is talking about.

  238. Definitely Joel Friedlander’s The Book Designer – glad to see he’s been nominated so often! Made a difference for me both for print and ebook….

  239. I nominate Vincent Mars, The Boy With A Hat. His posts are always informative and interesting:

  240. I\’d like to nominate my blog As both a fiction/nonfiction author and online marketing consultant, I test things out myself and then blog about what I have discovered. I especially write about the opportunities — as well as the sand traps — on Amazon for self-published authors.One of my ebooks is TOP TIPS FOR HOW TO PUBLISH AND MARKET YOUR BOOK IN THE AGE OF AMAZON: 3 Books in 1 at

  241. The Book Designer, Joel Friedlander

  242. There are many helpful folks out there sharing information on blogs and websites but if I find it on Joel Friedlander’s site I feel confident that he’s offering the best and most accurate information available at the time.
    (The Book Designer is at

  243. I’m sure there are many outstanding self-publishing blogs, but Joel Friedlander’s The Book Designer,, is consistently first rate in its style and content. It’s must reading for anyone who cares about writing or publishing.

  244. I like to propose the Blog: Thebookdesigner. I helps me every day getting better and producing more.


  245. The correct answer is Joel Friedlander\\\’s blog

  246. Humorous take on self-publishing.

  247. The Book Designer is driven by the hardest-working altruist I have ever encountered, Joel Friedlander. Because of good timing in 2010, he saved my book project. Saved it.

  248. Joel Friedlander\\\’s blog is absolutely in a class by itself. Joel has been writing the blog every day (yes!) for a couple of years. He shares his wealth of knowledge about book design and self-publishing in general with his thousands of appreciative readers. He\\\’s humorous, responsive, and thorough — it\\\’s a great blog!

  249. The Book Designer! I love his posts!

  250. I’d like to nominate Kristen Eckstien’s blog

  251. The book that I would like to nominate is by Nina Amir

  252. The Future Of Ink quickly became my favorite blog after reading the very first issue. It’s chock full of valuable information. Content that can be helpful for anyone doing business online; no matter the niche.

  253. I nominate my good friend Nina Amir’s blog “”. She is such a super-dee-duper great Author! :)


    I nominate Kristen Eckstein’s blog “Ultimate Book Coach” for this award. Kristen’s blog is just the right balance of information and inspiration for us “wanna-be” writers.

  255. My nomination is Kristen Eckstein’s blog Kristen’s enthusiasm is infectious! Not only does she educate on easily and understandably on the how-tos of self-publishing, Kristen also has a masterful way of drawing your creativity to the surface. I took a live class with her earlier this yea, and her online training is no less powerful than her face-to-face teaching!

  256. Jo Foreman says:

    I would like to nominate Kristen Eckstien’s blog I find the blog to be informative, easy to understand, and easy to read. It is helpful even to a newbie like me. It has inspired me to get off the couch and write!

  257. Kristen Eckstien’s blog.

  258. I nominate Digital Publishing – It’s About Publishing eBooks and SO Much More by DvorahLansky

  259. I nominate Robert Chazz Chute.

  260. Laura Lane says:

    Kristen Eckstien’s blog is great! She taught me everything I need to know about self-publishing!

  261. I respectfully nominate Kristen Eckstein of as my favorite self publishing blog.

  262. For the great variety of topics, I would like to nominate How to Blog a Book at Thanks!

  263. Margie Cole says:

    I am a big fan of Kristen Eckstein at Her blog articles are clear, informative, readable, and seasoned with humor, passion, honesty, and open mindedness. Kristen’s knowledge, resources, and passion about writing and publishing are amazing. Her enthusiasm, kindness, and patience come through her writing, revealing her gift of approachability. Her information is helpful and inspiring for both beginners and winners in writing and publishing. I am excited to nominate her for this contest!

  264. I nominate Ultimate Book Coach by Kristen Eckstein as my favorite self-publishing blog (

  265. I nominate Kristen Eckstein’s blog –

  266. I’d like to wholeheartedly recommend Kristen Eckstein’s blog at Her expertise is unparalleled, in my opinion, and her zeal for making online publishing a business of integrity speaks highly of her integrity and knowledge about the publishing industry as a whole.

  267. Mark Young says:

    I nominate Robert Chazz Chute of

    Lots of great advice for writers on self-publishing!

  268. Johanna G says:

    I nominate Robert Chazz Chute at:
    He is an incredible writer and blogs prolifically as well – excellent, helpful articles and links.

  269. I nominate Shelley Hitz. She consistently over delivers on information related to self-publishing. Her website is

  270. My nominee is The author is amazing and had provided incredible information.

  271. I nominate Shelley Hitz. Shelley has gathered extensive resources related to self-publishing and consistently over delivers on information and resources related to self-publishing. Her website is a gold mine of information on self-publishing.

  272. I really love the honest and relatable info on Audrey Press’ blog. As a writer/publisher/author creator Valarie Budayr does a good job of “paying it forward” and letting writers of all experience levels know that “hey, I’ve made the mistakes upfront for you-here’s how to NOT do it.” Love this blog’s heart.

  273. I hang out on Joel Friedlander’s site, I also use Smashword for resources.

  274. I like Kristen’s blog at Has a ton of great information and Kristen really knows her stuff.

  275. There’s no doubt in my mind! I would like to nominate

    This is because Joanna Penn is a practising author, and she shares her hugely valuable expertise which is constantly refreshed by travelling the writers road. I think ‘superblogger’ is the word. Truly deep and valuable insights, and also a lovely helpful person to know.


  276. I’d like to nominate Joel Friedlander’s blog, The Book Designer ( as one of the Top 10 Best Self-Publishing Blogs.

    Joel, a self-published author and book designer, provides a tremendous amount of great information on the many aspects of self-publishing on this site. In my opinion, his blog is one of the best resources online for any writer considering self-publishing their work.

  277. I’d like to nominate so many. The Creative Penn, David Gaughran, and so many others have really helped me in my first year of independent publishing.

    However, my nomination goes to — fantastic resource for authors looking to build a platform and market their books. Great, approachable team with a real uplifting vibrancy about their writing.

    Like I said, I’d love to nominate so many, but Duolit get my final vote. Good luck to all the nominated sites — all great resources and people.

  278. I am nominating because it is very thorough, current and well thought out.

  279. I read Kristen Eckstein’s blog for about 2 years before I finally wrote and published my first book.
    She gives a ton of free information and links to all the help you will need.

  280. I think Jason Matthews does a great job so I’d like to submit my nomination for his site.

    How to Make, Market, and Sell eBooks

  281. I get a lot of great information from Kristen Eckstein’s Ultimate Book Coach blog. I recommend signing up for the notifications too!

  282. I nominate Jason Matthews:

    How to Make, Market, and Sell eBooks

  283. I am voting for Nina Amir’s site is so helpful and as a esult of all your insights and expertise I booked my blog and got tons of followers and now am trying to sell my book. A great resource~!

  284. Thanks for the nominations for my site, and I’d like to add
    to the mix as Lindsay offers some really great info on self-publishing from her own experience.

  285. I’m also a huge fan of Kristen Eckstein, but since she’s already been nominated a gazillion times (duh. :-)), I’ll nominate another self-publishing guru… Jason Matthews. His How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks – All for Free blog ( is very helpful for self-publising/indie authors.

  286. I endorse Kristen Eckstein’s blog,

    Kristen offers tons of great content on printed and digital publishing, as well as providing motivation to get that booked published.


  287. Hummm . . . this’ll be hard because there are so many qualified individuals that fit into this category and I don’t just have 1 favorite (I’ve got many!!) . . . there are so many people I turn to for additional resources/tools & great advise on publishing, indie-publishing & self-publishing books.

    Since only 1 suggestion is ‘allowed’ . . .

    My #1 choice would have to be Joel Friedlander – The Book Designer:

    Joel is an indie publisher/self-published author and also a book designer. He posts regularly via his blog about indie-publishing, self-publishing and everything book design. He has easily helped thousands of folks who are now published authors.

    But I’ve got to give a ‘shout out’ & special mention to the following folks who all have positive strengths in the industry (I’m sure I’m leaving a few good people out, so I apologize!):

    April L. Hamilton – The Publetariat
    Joanna Penn – The Creative Penn
    Denise Wakeman – The Future of Ink (The Online Visibility Expert)
    Ellen Britt – The Future of Ink
    Kristen Eckstein – The Ultimate Book Coach
    Sue Collier – The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing
    Laura Pepper Wu – 30 Day Books
    Joe Konrath – Newbie’s Guide to Publishing
    Nina Amir – How To Blog A Book


  288. I would like to recommend Kristen Eckstein at I have known Kristen for a number of years now, and I am quick to recommend her, her amazing blog and services to anyone I know who is looking to publish their book.

  289. Also recommending Kristen Eckstein and her
    Kristen hasn’t helped (yet!) with any of my many published books, however, as someone with a successful track-record in self-publishing and traditional publishing, I know that Kristen knows her stuff inside and out. I’ve recommended her services without any reservation to many clients. BTW, I’m the author of “The Young Writer’s Guide to Getting Published”.

  290. I highly recommend Kristen Eckstein’s because she’s honest, professional, and knows this industry inside and out.

  291. I choose to nominate Kristen Eckstein- She is a gal who really knows her stuff, she is very passionate about her career and helping other’s enrich theirs, and she has an undeniable positive and inspirational flare that reaches many far and wide!

  292. One more… I’d love to nominate my friend & colleague Nina Amir at Tons of great information there and she’s a blog-to-book genius!

    • Hi Kristen, thanks for all the nominations. Also seems you have A LOT of fans! Only one nomination counts, the first one you post. Unless you’d like to let us know which of the three is your top choice.

      • Oh crap, there are so many good ones! LOL Since two have already received nominations and I follow my colleague Sue pretty closely, I’d like to make hers at my official nomination. :) Thanks!

        As for my fans, they know I feed them good regular up-to-date information & appreciate it. So cool to see their appreciation in this way!

  293. Can I nominate two? First, as others have said, by Joanna Penn is awesome. Second, by my personal friend Sue Collier (co-author of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 5th Edition) is a great one-stop shop to find new blogs with great pre-screened info every week in her “The Week in Publishing” posts.

  294. I nominate Kristen Eckstein from … tons of experience and super helpful person.

  295. I nominate Kristen Eckstein and her blog at I often it to glean valuable insights for MotionPub.

  296. Love the contest. It’s a tough choice. I nominate one of the original blogs about self-publishing: Joe Konrath’s Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. Joe’s blog is gritty, tell-it-like-it-is and packed with useful info as well as stats.

  297. I nominate Kristen Eckstein and her blog at As a custom book publisher myself, I often read Kristen’s blog because she always offers some great information.

  298. Janice Mitchell says:

    I would like to nominate Kristen Eckstein for her blog about self-publishing. I attended a webinar and was genuinely amazed at the amount of information she covered and the questions she answered to help us consider self-publishing. Her blog can be found at

  299. Great idea, Denise and Ellen!

    My nomination goes to Kristen Eckstein at! Kristen has started over 40 independent publishing companies – the ultimate in self-publishing. Her blog is always full of great writing, publishing, marketing, and all things books!

    You can always count on getting the true story from Kristen.

  300. My all time favorite self-publishing blog is The Creative Penn by Joanna Penn – Incredible articles, podcasts, news and updates, and more –

  301. Going to join the self-promoting rush here and nominate FriesenPress’ Fearless Self-Publisher Blog:

    Hope you guys like it!

  302. Figure I can nominate a self-publishing blog, too! One blog I regularly read is the blog published by BookBaby:

    Though the blog is frequently used to showcase their business, I find the articles on self-publishing for authors and entreprenuers very helpful and frequently share them on my social networks.

  303. I enjoy Nina Amir’s site, How to Blog a Book. she covers all of the tips that solopreneurs need to create a book that is of value to their readers. And she has super inspirational advice to get folks motivated and to take advantage of every opportunity to promote their book too.

  304. I’m not proud. (Ok, I really am…)
    I’ll self nominate my blog- – which covers a range of topics (just like our business does)… from management to finance, from biotech to 3d printing, with economic implications for all…

  305. Hi Denise, I am so glad I stumbled upon this competition on my Pinterest. So far I have not had the confidence to comment on a blog before, but I just have to tell you about Joanna Penn at She is beyond generous with her time and her content. Practically everything I have learned about self publishing and marketing I learned from her blog. So far I have one book up on Amazon KDP.

    I am so glad that you are doing this competition. All the best loved Self-Publishing blogs in one place. Fantastic.

    ps. If you happen to click through to my website, please excuse it for a couple of days. I am still building it.

  306. My favorite self published blogger is Eric Stromquist
    at Controltrends http//
    Controltrends is a generous and fantastic source of meaningful industry information and knowledge, as well a current events center and hub for its community.

  307. My favorite self published blog is, Controltrends is teh first HVAC and building automation controls blog in the HVAC controls Industry that provides the HVAC ( Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning professional with the information needed to keep up with the rapid changes in our Industry

    • Hi Eric, thanks for posting a link to your blog. This contest is to find the Top 10 Best Blog for Self-Publishers, blogs that are ABOUT self-publishing that help online entrepreneurs and authors learn the ins and outs of how to self-publish their content. I apologize if that was not clear enough.